One of my favorite television commercials is Walgreen’s “Thanks for Giving.”  It’s a play on words with children from around the world playing in the background and having the very best time:

Thanks for giving Leeann the strength to outrun her brother.

Thanks for giving Victor the energy to be the rowdiest fan.

And thanks for giving Joseph the ability to see monsters.

When you choose Walgreens you choose to make a difference…

As you go about your life today: traveling, being with family and friends, most likely eating way too much food as I will be, or whatever form it takes, I want you to know how thankful I am for you.

Thanks for giving yourself; your time, talents, and treasure to the ministry of Park Avenue United Methodist Church.

Thanks for giving witness to the presence of God that calls to all of us.

Thanks for giving meaning to my own life: for good love shared; patience, and ongoing support.

Thanks for choosing to make a difference in more ways than you can ever imagine…

From my house to yours: best wishes for a wonderful and thankful Thanksgiving!

Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy