Holy Jesus, give us such awareness that we might know the glory of your presence and never be so bored, complacent, or afraid that we fail to live into the wonder-filled life you have given to us. Amen.

“Oh wow! Look, Daddy—it’s snowming! It’s snowming!” – that’s right: snowing with an “M”! That’s how my son reported his 26-month old’s response to the 12 inches of snow that fell outside their home in Martinsville, VA last Sunday. Needless to say, that brought a hearty laugh and tears to my eyes just imagining my grandson’s excitement over his first big snow, totally oblivious of how the rest of the family was going to navigate around it. And you can likely guess that it didn’t take him very long to get outside and fully immerse himself in all the splendor!

It got me thinking about that child-like sense of awe and wonder and how easy it is to live our days—especially these days—without any excitement at all. I mean, when was the last time you were truly excited about something or someone, or even filled with joy? And what might that look like for you today, this week, month, and year? What might be your snowMing?

To journey with Christ is to journey in mystery, discovery, and amazement; to be stretched beyond the ordinary and familiar. It is to trust that God is still at work regardless of our circumstances and to pay attention to the tiny little miracles happening in and around us all the time—miracles that can take our breath away but also make room for fresh new breaths. Could it be that this is our salvation in times like these; that the common might become extraordinary, if only our eyes can see?

Beloved, I pray that you will be excited; it might very well be snowMing wherever you are!

Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy