It has been a few weeks since I’ve asked, but I wanted to check in and see how you are doing. I’m guessing like so many of us these days, you may be physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically drained – at least to some extent. If that is the case, I want to encourage you to be gentle with yourself.

I was talking with a friend earlier this week, and we were both saying how challenging some days are despite our best efforts and best practices at trying to be positive and upbeat. There is still so much sickness and death, racial disparities, police shootings, job losses, financial despair, inequities, and biases, and we are often triggered in ways we cannot anticipate.

People let us down, and we let others down. We are all carrying a lot right now, each in our own ways. The only person you or I can truly control at best is ourselves – our thoughts, actions, and reactions.

Let kindness start with the person who stares at you in the mirror. Hit pause. Ask for help. Walk outside and get a bit of fresh air and sunshine. Play a tune and dance a jig or laugh out loud. Sleep on it. And lately, I have been finding my way uptown to Sugar Hill Creamery when necessary. It is truly amazing what a scoop of “Chairperson of the Board” blueberry cheesecake ice cream can do for a weary soul. ‘Tis heaven sent, I’m sure.

Tomorrow is a new day, and we get to try all over again, at least that is my hope and prayer. But today, be gentle. Love yourself – your true authentic self that also needs care. For that self will never fail you and is worth preserving at all cost.

Grace and peace,
Pastor Cathy